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Regina –

Victim Location 91803

Type of a scam Employment

I was looking for jobs to apply to on craigslist and I came across an "administrative clerk" position and e-mailed them with my resume and a cover letter. They replied to let me know that position was no longer available and they offered me another position for "part time administrative personal assistant" and I wouldn’t need any previous experience. They claimed to be a busy art dealer who would be out of the state doing business so they needed an assistant to do tasks for them and ship art supplies out to clients. They said the pay would be $650 weekly and on top of any request, they would pay me an additional $50. They said I would not need a car and could use public transportation or a ride service. I looked at the website they provided & something about it just seemed off to me. Unfortunately, I had sent some personal information to them before my intuition kicked in and this is the format they asked my information in: Full Name, Street Address, Apt No, City, State, Zip Code, Phone number, Cell number, Age, Work Status, and email address and that is what they got out of me. When they replied to my emails quickly after I had replied with interest, they were unprofessional and short, unlike the first one I had received. When I was looking at the job description and what I would have to do I started to have second thoughts because it was very tedious. I ended up searching for job scams on google and sure enough I found one very similar to this one where an art dealer/small business owner would be traveling and they needed someone to get their mail and ship things out for them. The job consisted of paperwork, running errands and ordering various art supplies that you would end up shipping yourself. In the last e-mail I received, they said this: "Your Job will be specifically receiving payment from our customers and processing the payment and confirming that the payment was successfully processed before we ship the art work to the customers. Payment will be sent out via Personal,Certified or Cashiers check to you and once you receive the payment you process each payment and wait for further instructions and your weekly salary will be deducted from each payment you process yourself which will be 650$ weekly. I do hope you understand the procedure and hope we can grow this art company together and have a long lasting relationship together. Kindly Reply OK that you understand and accept the process so that you can be scheduled for a phone interview withing 24-48 hours." They also mentioned that this would be something you would do in your free time so if you were already employed, you would not have to quit your current position. I noticed that on their website, there are typos as well as in the emails I received. This is the website they provided: https://oliviaclarkarts.webnode.com/. Please take note and be cautious. Always do a search for job scams and if it seems too good to be true, it’s probably not. I could not find any other information about this person other than on the website they provided, which to me looks cheap and unprofessional. I also searched google maps for the address they provided and it showed that it was a private road, which was another red flag. They listed no store address or place of business. Everything was too vague to be legitimate. They also said I would not be responsible for any financial obligation and they would pay for everything. $650 is a lot of money to make weekly for someone with zero experience. I was attracted to the salary so I was too excited to think straight. Just make sure you do your research so this does not happen to you.



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