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Spencer –

Victim Location 92314

Total money lost $199.95

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Internet site for Musicians / Artists, to join / log-in , and promote their Original Copy Written works, in order to link up with other Original Artists through social media ( e-mail , Facebook , Twitter). The 1st 30 days is FREE , but you can’t interact /or contact the Musicians in your "Network", that according to the site, are "Promoting" your personal Copy Written material through Facebook , Twitter, e-mail. You must "Upgrade" to one of 2 packages $99 or $199 ( I upgraded to the Premium $199 , using my Bank Card) . The Money was immediately deducted from my account , but took 4 days to take effect. The first thing I did was to try and contact all the Musicians and Subscribers that were propelling "My Music" to the top of their charts , to thank them ,and seek advice on how to further promote "My Original Copy Written Songs". I quickly found out that , not only could I "Not" contact people in "My Network" , searching Facebook or Twitter for these people was a dead end. They either 1) Don’t exist , 2) The accounts have not been active in years .( ex: I was informed that an Artist had just joined My Network and promoted My song. So, I was going to thank him on his "Music Page" , but he hadn’t been active in 6 months ? Fine , I’ll find his Facebook page (where he supposedly was promoting My Song). I found him on Face book , but he hadn’t been active or posted anything since 2012. When I Googled the company , Red Flags went off , with other testimonials of people who did more research than I did. My concern is Not the money I gave away , but the "Possible" theft of my: Identity , Info , Likeness , and the properties ( My Original Copy Written Songs ), that are mine. Upon trying to contact the company through their website , to ask some questions , I was directed to their "Contact Us" page. I typed my question – hit send , and My question popped up in "My" inbox. I clicked their "Help" button , and was re-directed back the "Contact Us" page. I was unable to find out through research: 1) Who owns the company ( 2 ) Where they are located (3 ) How to "Actually" contact them (4 ) No Phone Number (5) Verification that others on the website "Actually Exist". I believe their are enough inconsistencies / red flags to warrant a look into this site.



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