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Terry –

Victim Location 27609

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On the morning of October 19, 2018, I received a voice mail from a man who identified himself as Process Server David Brown. The voice mail stated that he would be appearing at my residence or place of employment to serve me with a summons between the hours of 12 – 5 unless I contacted Northern District Resolution Services at 585-735-7925. I contacted the Northern District Resolution Services at the number provided, and was told that I owed $5,360.58 to US Bank. They said that the creditor was willing to settle for $2000, and that if I did not settle, it would go to court. Even though I knew that I did not owe any debt because I had taken care of debt payments many years ago, and I meticulously check my credit reports, I became extremely scared because of a traumatic experience I had in court many years ago. As a result of this fear, I provided my debit card number to the person on the phone, agreeing to settle for $2000. I happen to work at a law firm, and spoke to some of the attorneys I work with once I had calmed down enough after the call. My supervisor, who is an attorney, became very concerned that I had just been the victim of a scam because I had not been provided with any documents about this supposed debt. We called my bank to cancel my debit card. Then I received an email from Docusign via [email protected], which was an agreement to pay the settlement amount of $2000. The address provided was P.O. Box 113, Buffalo, NY 14209. My supervisor (an attorney) then called Northern District Resolution Services at 585-735-7925 and spoke to the same gentleman I had spoken to. She gave him her name, bar number, the state in which she was barred, and name of the law firm. She requested his name several times, but he refused to provide her with his name, and kept repeating "if Ms. [my last name] doesn’t want to pay her bills, then that’s her decision." He ended the phone call without providing my supervisor with his name. Then he called my cell phone from a 1-800 number, and I had my supervisor pick up the phone. She asked him his name again, and he further declined. He said that the charge of $2000 had been reversed.

Pedro –

Victim Location 32807

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received frightening call say that my case was going to be turned over to federal or state court unless I call them back immediately. When I call they referred to an old payday loan that had been resolved over 4 years ago and then said if I don’t have a physical receipt stating it’s paid I will be taken to court. Then all of a sudden he says "it’s ok don’t worry I trust you I will take your name off my calling list" so my question is, if this is as serious as the initial call stated why is it so easy to "get off the list?" Scam! Sounds like a scam to me!!



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