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Christie –

Victim Location 84403

Total money lost $24.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My sister is selling her car, we placed an add on the local newspaper

She got a text with an interested buyer, but he won’t come to look until he gets the report

He told us he wanted the report from My Vehicle

They offer to provide a vehicle report for $24.99

I provided a card and then it refreshes the page after taking the money

I did receive an email basically telling me of their service. But no report

After calling and sitting online to PayPal- still no results

I went back to the website "myvehicleproof" and they now had someone online to chat,, I demanded a refund, They sent over a phoney report

That is very generic.

Morgan –

Victim Location 97217

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I can’t be sure, but I sure get the hit that this guy is scamming.

I have a car listed on craigslist- he contacted me and asked for a car report from a particular website-

This website doesn’t even come up on a web search, though you can go to it directly.

He used strong sales tactics to try to get me to buy it. Maybe they were fishing for my credit card info, maybe they just wanted the 25 bucks, maybe he’s on the payroll.

Sure stunk of scam, though.


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