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Andrew –

Victim Location 85375

Total money lost $8,500

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Here is the story. I have provided the same to the AzAG. I paid MyTechService, an organization who periodically services my computer to keep it running smooth and to perform antivirus checks. The plan was an automatic recurring payment . (See attachment 2) I called and left a message as directed. On 8/1/19, I received a call from a person from MyTechServices. He stated that he needed remote access to my computer to complete the transaction and to remove any and all connections relating to MyTechServices. He had worked on my computer before and nothing went wrong. He was suppose to deposit $299.99. The next thing that happened, $9000.00 was showing as a deposit. He said that he had made a mistake and that I needed to take out $8700.00 cash. That would leave $300.00 there as a refund and for me to keep $200.00 cash for my self and mail the $8500.00 cash. (See attachment 1.) On 8/5/19 there was $30,000.00 in my checking account. I went to the BMO Harris Bank in Sun City West, Az 85375 and the banker looked at it and told me that he had transferred both the $9000.00 and 30,000.00 from one of my other accounts.Thankfully, the $30,000.00 is safe.

On the same day that the attempt was made on the $30,000,.00, a man named David will get my $8500.00 back, however, he says he needs to access my computer to accomplish a wire transfer. The bank told me not to trust him nor to talk to him anymore. I have taken the bankers advice although, David still insist that he will give my money back, but only if I give him access to my computer. That is not going to happen. .I also have the receipt for the FedX shipment and I also have a copy of the email referencing the cancellation, which is where this whole thing started. Also, they have used multiple phone numbers. Here are the ones that I have: (501-503-3966) (209-257-4758) and (209-257-4931) Thanks for any assistance that you can give to recover my $8500.00.


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