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Robin –

Victim Location 85284

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Not the first to receive this type of scam according to the records on this site.

Received a USPS Priority Mail letter addressed to me at my temporary address (my brother’s home) where I have been residing for less than a month (note: did not change my address officially with the post office yet). Inside was a cashiers check for $2,900 and change along with an instructional document. The check was official. The document screamed scam. The deal: I get to keep $400 for my secret shopping services, which consisted of using the remaining funds to purchase eBay gift cards from any local retailer carrying them, peeling the silver scratch-off area, and sending images of the gift cards (front and back) along with information on the service provided at the store to [email protected]

Clearly the scammers are catching on…instead of asking you to wire funds, they are asking you to take pictures of gift cards you are to purchase with the funds they send you. Then they are able to use the cards for online shopping.

You, dear scammed one, are out all the funds. I feel there should be some type of obligation by the banks to protect folks. Im sure there are a few folks who fall for the scam. ??


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