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Edwin –

Victim Location 32308

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I answered an ad online for a Mystery Shopper position. I was "approved" and sent an assignment. I received a Fed X package with a check enclosed for $1,785. Instructions were to take the check to my bank, cash it, keep $200 and the go "shop" Bank of America. Deposit $1550 into an account: Patience Awele Okolo, #3810-4121-1917 at BofA. I was supposed to act like this person was a relative. Then I was to answer 8 questions via email to complete the assignment and send a copy of the deposit receipt with the report. (Never did find what was to happen with the extra $15) I did go to my bank and cash the check. Something just didn’t feel right, so I contacted the bank the Cashier’s Check was drawn on and was told it was fraudulent. I then went back to my, gave them the cash and asked them to remove the $200 I had deposited from my account. I gave them a copy of the check, which I had made before going to the bank. The man’s name that keeps contacting me for this scam is David Walter, and has an accent. His number is 229-234-0657. He also called from a 239 area code but it doesn’t show on my call log. His email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected] I thank God that I listened to my gut instincts. Please make others aware of this scam!

Clayton –

Victim Location 77396

Type of a scam Employment

I had to report this because I almost went for it. There is a company by the name of Mystery Shoppers, Inc After I sent my email address to this company they in turn welcomed me aboard to be one of their mystery shoppers. I received a postal money order for 992.43 with instructions on where and what to do with the money after I cashed the check. I was to deduct 232.43 for my services and was to send the remainder to Barnes Raldas, 4954North Bell Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60625. The reason I am not doing this is because it sounds shady. Why would it not be easier to just send me what I was told I was being paid for. Also the postal money order originated from San Francisco Ca. 94102, SN 22699974666, Post Office 921731


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