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Carly –

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They originally texted me Become a Mystery shopper and earn $400 weekly, No Degree or experience is needed.if interested contact us ViaE- mail:[email protected] (this is how it was typed)

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your response. We are currently recruiting individuals as Mystery Shoppers. You are required to send the below information and state that you are interested after reading the details of mystery shopping.Pending approval from the Recruiting department.

It’s a legal and legitimate dealing to be a MYSTERY SHOPPER with us. Upon approval, your job as a mystery shopper will begin next week and this will result to us providing you with more information.


Your payment will be sent weekly (Salary: $400 PER ASSIGNMENT ), the company is in charge of providing you with all expense money for the shopping and other expenses incurred during the course of your assignment.All the tools you need will be provided to you with details every week you have an assignment.


1} when an assignment is given to you, you will be provided with details to execute the assignment and in a timely fashion.Time: Within 3 working days. Location: From home/Office {USA / CANADA ONLY}

2}You will be asked and instructed to visit places like Banks, Restaurants,Grocery Stores, Wal-Mart, Cash Money, check cashing stores,Western Union Shops, Cash Point Shops and Money Gram Shops etc. to re-view and check out their services.

3} You will be asked to visit a company or store in your area and they are mostly our competitors as a mystery shopper and shop with them to know more about their sales and stock, cost sales and more details as provided by the company then report back to us with details of whatever transpired at the store. But anything you buy at the shop belongs to you; all we want is an effective/quick job and reports.


Prior to any assignment, we will provide you with the resources needed{cash} Mostly our sponsors will send you a Money Order or Cheque that you can cash in the stores where you will be required to start your assignment.Then we will be providing you details by email and you are expected to follow every instruction given to you as a mystery shopper.You can earn more which involves nothing more than shopping at a number of selected retailers and assessing their customer service and reporting back, so I want you to get back to me with confirmation of your interest and commitment in working with us.

Complete name as stated on your ID:

Mailing Address and Apt# if any:

Current Occupation:

Phone/Fax number:


Company Name:


Name of Bank

Kind Regards,

Mr Bruce Graham

Project Manager

Mystery Global Survey


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