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Nathaniel –

Victim Location 21921

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I was contacted by a man named Clay Russel (ph. 424-488-1920, fax. 424-355-2814, email. [email protected]), stating that he was from a company called Student Advisors ( He claimed he was going to help fill out the forms needed to reduce my student loan debt. The emails that came from him has an additional company name of MJCCSL Corp. I asked him what that company name was, he claimed it was the parent company for Student Advisors. After he took my information he told me payments would be going to a 3rd company called Equitable Acceptance. They are to change me about $1500 for a form I fill-out for free every year with the Dept of Education. I decided to cancel the service via sending the cancellation documents to the address on the forms: MJCCSL Corp, 359 Van Ness Way, Torrance, CA 90501. I was contacted by Clay Russel on October 20th, the cancellation was to be received by Oct 25th. Paperwork was mailed the 20th to be received by Oct 23rd. My letter was returned to me on Oct 29th by the USPS stating the address was "Undeliverable and Unable to Forward". Phone numbers for Clay Russell and Student Advisors (ph.877-435-7757) are disconnected when you call them, I have tried on my cell phone and landline numbers to reach them. The company does and never did exist. I believe MJCCSL is actually a front for Equitable. I contacted Equitable Acceptance and was told they "did not receive the cancellation information before the due date" I have documents proving I attempted to cancel within the timeline, I have emails from the offending party and text messages from Equitable. I contacted the Dept of Education and they are aware of the fraud as well. The gave me express instructions to change all banking information, do NOT pay them, all my student loan information (FAFSA info and passwords) and to contact them directly if a payment is attempted. My bank has them listed as fraudulent as well. I was also advised to contact the Attorney General, which I have. I also have additional phone number and emails from others involved with My Student Advisors: Renee Ohta (ph.310-289-4487, Off Ph. 310-750-2088, Fax 424-355-2814, email. [email protected]) and Amy Chamberlain (ph. 310-432-6950, email. [email protected]).


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