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Joel – Feb 17, 2020

Will report this if needed, wanted to contact you first…Needing a refund for 39.99 my government card was scammed I diidnt purchase this nor do I have an acc.

Louis –

Victim Location 49348

Total money lost $39.99

Type of a scam Credit Cards

My credit card shows a charge of $39.99 for something I did not authorize. When I called they company they asked for the first 6 numbers of my credit card and the last 4 of my credit card. Sneaky way of getting my full card number. They asked me to verify my email address, I did not provide it instead I asked them to provide me with the email address they had on file. It was not a valid email address owned by me and I did not give them my correct email which they wanted to just have "on file." There is no reason for my information to be on their files. They were claiming a one time charge for an adult entertainment site. They tried multiple times to get information from me. The money should be refunded to my account I will file a claim with my bank if it doesn’t happen.


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