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Taylor –

Total money lost $830

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

This "doctor" claims that he has the cure to all diseases and life threatening illnesses. Stating that he has invented a device that can takes out parasites. He claims that when he takes out these parasite that these diseases are gone because the parasites are the root cause of them.

Now I had went in with a persons referral, initially he didn’t want to give out his information until he asked me who had referred him to me and didn’t want to discuss anything else over the phone. When I went in I didn’t expect much until he had muscle tested me to allergies. This is another thing so he claims that food allergies are because of these parasites and with the device that he has invented that he can get rid of the parasites and therefore one won’t have food allergies ever again.

Also that the reason why people have diseases in their body, in my case i had told him about ulcerative colitis that he can simply take out the parasite and and he will cure me from it.

He has claimed that he has cured people from all sorts of diseases even cancer and he said to me himself that he had ulcerative colitis and with this device he had cured himself.

He has taken lots of money from me from numerous sessions stating that he just needs to keep doing them for them to finally work, but initially had claimed that one session would do it and Id never have to come back.

This is dangerous as he if scamming vulnerable people and very disappointing.

His office is very isolated and he keeps the lights off and very dim, when he told me that can cure all diseases and that he’s cured many people and that he’s the only doctor in Canada who can do this,I had asked him if i could record him saying this he had said "no" and that he doesn’t want any of this information out there. His reason behind this was because he doesn’t want people that know anyone that has past from a health condition that he can cure to feel sad that they found out late that this was possible of if they can’t afford to come to travel to see him to feel helpless.

Online he only states that he does muscle testing and he won’t mention all of this on the phone but when one goes in, he will make these claims. When I had told him that his sessions aren’t working he insisted that he would come up with a stronger machine and do a next session, which he would magically invent in less than a months time and he would still charge me. I asked him for money back because in our first session I was skeptical, but he said that if this didn’t work for me he would have my money back, when i asked him for my money back he had emailed me and told me that he has a crick no money back policy.

Please investigate this man, this is so dangerous for society.


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