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Carolyn –

Victim Location 34232

Type of a scam Employment

Scammer culls information from resume websites. Sent an e-mail inquiring about working at home then a subsequent e-mail stating that the position was confirmed. Then a check arrived in the mail for $2,875.00. The check was sent USPS priority mail from Auto Driveaway, *** *** *** *** ** ***. The check was drawn on an escrow account for an escrow company (Canon Escrow, Inc.) that had gone out of business in 2018. The check was drawn on East West Bank of Beverly HiIlls, CA. The check is a real check with normal security features, but clearly it was stolen and forged. The scammer does not provide an address or phone number. The scammer wants you to deposit the check, wait 24 hours for it to clear and e-mail him for further instructions. He also says to take $750 for your wages. I did not attempt to cash the check, just reported the scam here and with the FTC.

Here is the body of the e-mail:

I wish to congratulate you on the new job, I had to verify all the information you provided. I hope I will have your 100 % loyalty and co-operation. Your quick response to e-mails and effectiveness will require, and you will be receiving your first assignment very soon. You will email with detailed instructions, and I have been checking my files and what I would want you to do for me this week is to run some errands out to some of the Foster Homes, I do that every month. I have some lists to email you, which you will make some arrangements by buying some stuff for the kids in the Foster Homes at any nearest stores around you so you can mail them out, and I will make the payment arrangement for you. You are not using your personal funds to run the errands for the Foster Homes.

Your official start date is Wednesday 18th September 2019, You will receive a payment from my client via mail between Thursday 19th September and Friday 20th September. As soon as you receive the payment, notify me of the receipt and go ahead to deposit the payment at your bank. The payment normally takes 24 hours to clear. Once the payments have cleared, deduct $750 for your wages for the week, another $50 for first class postage stamps for some mails you will be dispatching for me as well. I will forward the list of recipients you’ll be sending the mails to once I compile it. The balance will be used to purchase items for the kids at any store around you while you put them in the mail to foster home(s).

You are to adhere strictly to the Company’s Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy that is you are to dress properly like you are in an office environment whenever handling your first assignment.

Kindly reply this e-mail as soon as possible to further signify your interest in working with me. I have confidence in you and I am looking forward to a good working relationship between us. I hope you will be up to, perhaps better than my presumptions about you. If you have any question(s), please put it across to me via email.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Dr. Michael Murrell

Murrell Associates Group.


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