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Kurt –

Victim Location 97838

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The scammers contacted me from an Oregon employment website because my wife was in search of a new job. I thought well if it’s on a legitimate website why not look into it. When contacting them they said they had already sent me a check for $500 which I replied that I hadn’t received it so they promptly sent me another check for $1950 and I received it the next day. I searched the address that was on the check before depositing it into the bank, it was a legitimate address and company. I also asked the bank if the check was legitimate and they told me it was fine. The next contact I got from them was to let me know there was a mistake and that part of the money needed to be sent to the person that was supposed to put the decal on my car and that I needed to get a couple gift cards and send them pics of the front and back. So I did just that. They contacted me the next day and said I needed to send more which is when I figured out this was a scam so I told them they would be hearing from my attorney and they just hung up. Unfortunately I didn’t figure out it was a scam til they got the money and then when my bank contacted me a couple days later to tell me that the check was fake and that they froze my account until they got $2000 to cover the check that bounced.


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