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Rodney –

Victim Location 29642

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

In the last week, I have received numerous phone calls about my "showing interest" in a vacation sweepstakes that I "won" from MRG Vacations by entering some type of contest. Yesterday, I asked to be removed from the call list. When I did, the caller asked for my husband, by name! Neither of us has entered any type of vacation sweepstakes.

This morning, "Kyah" called with the same "offer." I politely explained that I realized she was doing her job, but we had family who owned beach houses on Isle of Palms, could go for free, and were not interested in taking advantage of her offer. She continued to talk over me and I told her again that I was not interested and to please remove me from her call list. Finally, when she continued to harass me I told her that I was going to contact the BBB about her company.

I have no idea if it is legitimate or not, but I have never completed one of those entries and don’t appreciate being continually harassed and lied to by this company. A legitimate organization would have no reason to lie about my showing interest in their company.


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