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Paul – Feb 12, 2020

Victim Location 53092

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Bill Anderson called and told me that I won the WI International Winner Circle, $10,000 for life and a Ash Grey Land Rover Range Rover and 8.5 million. He mentioned if I ever played the Publishing Clearing House and that is how I won.

I was told if I had either a Walmart, Walgreens or another store that had money grams and how far it was. That I should get ready to drive to one to receive my first $10,000 through Money Gram. After that he mentioned a Mr. Bob Decker, and Ashley Robertson (supposedly from the BBB), and a lawyer named Ms. Jennifer White would be coming to my house yet today to deliver the Range Rover, take pictures etc.

He gave me all the numbers, claim#, Ref#, Security code and bank name and info. He even had another number for me to verify this was legit. He was very good. I never gave any info and when he asked that when I went to the store of choice to make sure I was dressed and ready for pictures. My question was "how do you know what store I go to" his response is we have people watching you…creepy. The other big red flag for everyone is that this scam ask for money to pay for the state taxes before you receive your first $10,000!

Again…this guy was very smooth. Be careful!


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