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Jamie –

Victim Location 83646

Type of a scam Rental

Home posted on craigslist for rent. All transactions are done via email and minimal texting being they are leaving on a church mission and are no longer in the area. Emails you a basic information list. Emails later that your were chosen about others as the new tenent. 500.00 deposit must be sent prior to contract and key being sent Via FEDEX. Was suspicious so we required all transactions be handled theu our Real Estate Agent. He agreed. I am one to research when i notice inconsistencies or suspicions. The home recently went up for sale prior to my contacting "Mr. Bowman". So i contacted the Real Estate Agent. She confirmed the home was pending sale and the seller had not posted anything about the home being for rent a d was a scam. Messaged "Mr. Bowman" we changed our minds and would not be renting. There was no contact after that. We suspected Freud yet played it thru to confirm.


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