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Kristy –

Victim Location 60073

Type of a scam Debt Collections

About a year ago my wife received invoices for a Play Station which was delivered to an address in Maryland. We live in Illinois. We never ordered anything from Montgomery Ward. The real company did go bankrupt many years ago and we did call the phone number attached in Wisconsin to tell them that they are mistaken. It turns out that they did not have out phone number nor my wife’s social security number. If we would have an account with them, they would have that. They insisted that we give them this info on the phone, which we did not. After a while we did get several more invoices of the same kind. Surprising, even after a year, there where no late fees on the bill and the paper looked like out of a laser printer from and was poorly designed.

We went to the police and they told us to just disregard it .

Now, after over one year of bi-weekly letters, my wife got a letter from a collection company. They have no real info about my wife and the charges are not defined. They try now to call and ask for her social security number. It is quite annoying, but other than finding a lawyer there is no way to stop them.

We will just keep on ignoring them.

It is a shame that such firms are not given the legal consequences they deserve.

Very frustrating.

Gabriel –

Victim Location 48895

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I have received in the past two weeks three requests for more information from Montgomery Ward regarding an order that I have placed. Three separate orders, dated 2/10/17, 220/17 and 2/22/17 all for Play Station 4 units, all with shipping addresses to two individuals that live in the Detroit area that I have no association with. Each of these orders have been able to be accessed online through and I have been able to cancel the orders that are attached to my name and address.

A police report is in the processs of being filed and charges of fraud and identity theft will be pursued against the two individuals from Detroit, MI as well as Montgomery Wards for being complicit in issuing the invoices. The three orders total over $3,267.72.


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