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Drew –

Victim Location 31016

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Says they can load your moneypak onto your prepaid card. Once they get your card, they take the money and when you try to call back they will not answer.

Ebony –

Victim Location 61604

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I purchased a moneypak card and put 500.00 on it to load my card, at first the website said send id to verify me. i tried 3 times and then typed in moneypak and git a ohone number 8663465625. called soike with a rep, gaved them my card number, they said wait 45 mins to an hour, tried calling back numerous time no answer..never received money in card. sent in a dispute. never heard nothing

Brenda –

Victim Location 66101

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Identity Theft

a rep or someone pretending to be a rep so called "Helped" me load three moneypak numbers over the phone (866-286-9651). He asked for my card number and the money pak number then said the funds will be loaded to the card in 45 minutes. I found it to be suspicious because after purchasing a money pak you have to wait 20 mins then your able to load it to a prepaid card instantly. I waited, then checked my balance, NO FUNDS HAVE BEEN TRANSFERED. I called back and the person who picked up sound like the same exact person telling me 45 minutes to 24 hours. Its 03/16/18 4:30 something around this time. So i called back today exactly 26 hours later after discovering that THE FUNDS HAVE NOT BEEN LOADED, and the call goes straight to music, like im already being put on hold. I call a few more times and get an answer from the same rep so it sounded. I told him the issue and he said he will transfer me to the business such and such. While im on hold i realize the music playing is the same music that i was hearing when i called the last coupe of times. Next thing I know the phone hangs up. I’ve been calling non-stop and all i been getting was music. They took $1200 from me


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