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Troy –

Victim Location 33805

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I went on the comuter to pply for loans i got a call back from money loans she said her name from money loan and i was aproved for 3,000.00 dollar loan i was only needing 1,000 i said ok she told me i needed two thing my ID and to go to walgreens and buy a debit card in my name call her before i go in the store first the card is to prove i could make payments every month of 250.00 for 18 months to repay loan then she wanted my bank account number so she could deposit the 3,000.00 in m checking account and that i was to keep the card to make payments with. well i told her i had to ask my husband and she said she woud hold the file till tomarrow i said ok then i called BBB they said there was only one complamt in a year but then at the in they said it was no longer in business so i called them back and told them what i did and they hung up on me so now iam reporting them I hope that something is done about this because theres no telling how many other people they have ripped of thankyou for listening and may god bless you


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