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Regina –

Victim Location 96817

Total money lost $110

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

This person contacted me through Instagram. He/she sent me a friend request using another friend’s name and photo. I accepted the friend request. This person then claims that he got a new phone and needed my number. I gave him my number believing that this was my friend. He then started communicating with me via text messaging saying he got a new phone and needs my help. He asked if I knew about Google Play cards, he needed help getting Google Play cards so he can use it to activate the phone with the $82 fee. He could text but his apps were not working right. I wanted to help my friend and bought a Google Play egift card for him. He gave me the email address to send it to. Turns out the egift card didn’t work and he said I needed to get it from the store. He was getting really irritated with his phone and wanted to get it resolved. He asked me to send him the code in the back of the card and that if it worked to activate his phone, he will ask me to buy more. I ended up buying $110 worth of Google Play gift cards. He said it really helped, his phone works now. Then I realized it was a scam. Right now he is asking for me to help him get more and now wants Amazon cards. haha. Yeah right! Now how do we catch this guy? He used a similar name to one of my friends and had an email address was similar to this name. Be careful. I’m sorry I fell for this, hope other people don’t too.


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