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Sean –

Victim Location 84539

Total money lost $644.67

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! I FEEL SO STUPID FOR TRUSTING THEM ! Please learn from my mistake and do not trust these people. I researched them and thought they looked like a legitimate business who could help me. Their website that is all over the documents is MODHELP.ORG , and they go by Modification Solutions, or DSC – Document Service Center. The third-party contacts are: Debbie Randall , Jason White , Susan Martin

February 2019 – An older gentleman by the name of Robert Battista called me after I responded to looking to get a better interest-rate on my mortgage since it was variable and went up to 5.75%. He said he could offer me 2%. I feel so stupid that I believed them. This is a scam and I was gullible to believe them.

Robert Batista and Debbie Randall appeared to be super sweet people and they totally ripped us off hundreds of dollars saying they were a Modifications Solutions program. – who could help reduce our interest rate to 2% since ours has been creeping up year after year since we have a variable rate.

We sent them the amount of our mortgage payments in three separate checks. They told us that we could receive this money back if nothing came of the program and our mortgage was not modified.

Please do not send them any checks or money as they are a complete scam! I am reporting them to the Federal trade commission and also to the… 1-888-995-HOPE

I hope that others will learn from my mistake and trusting people who genuinely seem like they want to help you.

I feel like I am a good judge of character but in this instance I made a mistake. It has reminded me that I should trust no one.

Carl –

Victim Location 14225

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The scammer posed as a mortgage modification program called Modification Solutions. They asked for information on the first call saying I clicked on information while on the internet. The second call they said I qualified for the loan modification and asked for more information including my SSN and they would be in contact with my mortgage company. Then they sent me a packet of information and questionnaires and instructed me to post date 3 checks for the same amount as my mortgage payment and date them for the day they would normally be due. So the next 3 months of payments. At this point I knew it was a scam and they already had my SSN.


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