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Toni –

Victim Location 91506

Type of a scam Employment

I was job searching on indeed and responded to a job offer from Minarik Corporation as a Front Desk Receptionist. They said I wasn’t a match for them, but I would be a good match for one of their clients named Jessica Hodge. They told me to send my resume so I did. Jessica Hodge responded to me saying she was a 65 year old retired realtor attorney. She was on travel a lot and would need help with schedules and what not. It would be a work from home personal assistant type job and I would receive $780/ plus health insurance and a 401k. She asked me for my personal information: name, number, address, city/state, current occupation, and email. (no ssn). I sent her the details. Next day she said I passed her checks and that I was hired. No interview, though she mentioned setting one up before, no phone call nothing. I was hired and she would send me details of errands to run for the next week. She aslo requested more information:

Are you eligible to work in the United States?

Do You have any Criminal Records ? If yes specify

Are you under the age of 18, If Yes, do you have an employment/age certificate?

I will like to know how honest you are and how you can be trusted with funds?

How often do you check your email ?

Days/Hours Available: Hours Available: from ______ to ______

Confirm you will be available this week

After this I suspected it was a scam and did not email her anymore. But a day later I received a check in the mail from someone I didn’t know of $2,493.75. The address on the USPS express envelope was different from the address on the check. I proceeded to check my email and I received a email from the woman saying I need to deposit it and to find her a flight: "Meanwhile I will need you to find out the Evening Business Flight Fares from Toronto to Singapore on the 21st of Jun and returning to NY on the 28th of Jun for me, As i’m heading there for a business conference.I don’t mind any airline but it has to be business class seats and evening departures"

I reported the mail to USPS. So hopefully this person gets caught.


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