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Christopher –

Victim Location 79072

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On 10/03/2019. I received a call from a man who went by "johnathon greenspan". he stated that he was a compliance officer wanting to confirm details of where I worked to "serve a summons" for court due to and unpaid debt but couldnt give me any further details due to the file being "sealed". I told mr Greenspan that I wasnt aware of what was going on and he then gave me a number to call (which is provided in description of complaint) to obtain information before submitting a complaint to the court. I then proceeded to call and a gentleman who’s name I cant remember stated that he was a debt collector and then asked who I was to confirm my identity. He then stated that I had an unpaid debt and that I can set up a payment plan with a 16 digit card. As all this was said, my suspicion grew and I told the gentleman that I’ll need to contact my lawyer to get in touch (which I do not have) with me to see what was going on and he quickly sent me to a "chief financial director by the name of "Andrew meason". I then told Mr meason I was at work and cant be on the phone and I would call him later. After doing some research online I learned that many others like myself have been tricked into thinking that they would be summoned to court and complied with the caller. I’ve never recieved a letter or email from then but I did screenshot a few pics of what I uncovered so far. Till this day they still call my work asking for me.

Louis –

Victim Location 35640

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My friends were contacted notifying me that an officer had information on an open case through Advanced America that was in default and going to court. A "lawyer" and others contacted us got our debit number and said it would be paid off. This card number was a prepaid tax card that we have received through Liberty tax and they now have this information.

Aimee –

Victim Location 78503

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My family and myself have been getting calls from this number saying they are going to serve me court documents for a debt regarding a loan i took out in 2014. I was willing to comply and said I would be more than happy to send a money order and asked for their mailing address, p.o. box number or website to pay online. After leaving me on hold for about 7 minutes another "employee" told me that payments could only be made by phone. I know it sounded fishy, if a legit company has nothing to hide they would give you all the info you’re requesting about them no problem. These guys would answer my questions with a question and just go back to talking about my case. Guy I spoke to is David Stephenson if I recall and another by the name of Jason. I asked what the company name was and he said Midland….I asked Midland and what and he said just Midland. Odd.


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