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Bonnie –

Victim Location 19963

Type of a scam Tech Support

A popup kept coming up on my computer and I closed it out but kept appearing saying my computer was hacked need to call to get it cleaned up. I called they said they were support for Microsoft gave me his name case number and I let him get into my computer to show me things the could have been hacked, and that 18 users were on my server at this time, sounded so real. Told me they would get a tech support group to clean it up at 299.99 and then the test came on and had 3 different senerios of long term protection, fell for it for life time coverage 2250.00. made a check out and could not scam so they had me turn on camera to take a picture, so they got my bank info also. when I got off and left computer on for them to fix it would take 2 hrs. I made a call to my nephew who is a tech and he tried to look up number and said he couldn’t find it and I was probably scared, to shut off computer immediately. I did and called bank and stopped payment on my check. the other company they used for tech support was InfraGraph Solutions 855-979-6570. They did try and cash the check made out by them 2 different amts.


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