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Gloria –

Victim Location 60136

Total money lost $138.89

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website looks legitimate at first glance. They even claim to be a member of the BBB, but clearly they are not. I made a purchase in January 2019, but never received my product. When I checked my credit card statement, they had billed me more than my order was for and I discovered that they were overseas NOT based in California like their website claimed. They will not respond to inquiries about my order, nor cancel my order/provide a refund.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 54914

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammer poses as a California-based company that sells sports jerseys. After purchasing a jersey online, my credit card company warned me of potential fraud. I let the credit card company know that I did make the purchase. However, when I checked the payment information as it posted at my credit card company, I noticed the payment was going to China instead of California. I contacted Michiganfanstore.com customer service for status and explanation. They did not reply at first. I then contacted my credit card company and they stopped the payment. After the payment was stopped, Michiganfanstore.com customer service responded by telling me they shipped the order. It was an email in terribly broken English from someone named "John Smith" with some Chinese in it. Clearly NOT an American company! Over one month later I did receive a jersey. It was a bad fake jersey that was unwearable–the neck hole was too small for any human to put their head through it. We kept the jersey waiting see if they would contact us. Two months later they sent me an email, again in broken English, asking for money. We have told them we will gladly send the jersey back in its original plastic if they will send us a return label. They just keep sending emails asking for money with fake American names. Each email has a different address. This is definitely a fake company.

Sarah –

Victim Location 01740

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website look legitimate, but I think it may be a scam. When I tried to place an order, I got an error that my bank had blocked the transaction. So, the order was stuck in "Pending" and they never shipped anything to me. However, I never got a Fraud alert from my bank. When I contacted the website to inquire, the email I got in return was from an odd sounding name (Jimmy Joel) in broken English. I’ve seen other similar stores that turned out to be scams based in China, so this may be the same.


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