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Jonathan –

Victim Location 78218

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking on my local craigslist at husky’s and I saw a post that had three puppies all lined up and I decided to e-mail this person for nuts to see where the dogs were located because it didn’t say on the ad. Got an e-mail back and thanking me for the interest of the puppies. I asked if he had updated photos of them and he sent me the photos. He gave me a whole bunch of information about them and stuff and asking how old I am and where I lived and if I kids and if I was ok with the dog being shipped from Texas, San Antonio. I didn’t think anything of it because I had a woman ask me the same thing over Facebook locally. We are going back and forth and then he sends me a contract that he made up over Word.

Then he tells me to complete the sales contract by signing it and then heading over to western union in Walgreens to give them the money. I tried going back to craigslist to find the original posting because he claimed to have two other females and couldn’t find it. Tried going back through my history and claimed the posting had been flagged. Then I emailed him asking if he has pictures of the parents and hasn’t emailed me back. The guy said through the emails that they had to find homes for them because of hurricane Harvey and they’re having trouble getting back on their feet. The information he gave me as far as address and the is all validated. Couldn’t find anything on him. Money was sent to TX, San Antonio. Western Union through Walgreens said the money was picked up in Houston Texas. Went onto google maps and traced the distance between the locations and its a full 2 hour distance. That doesn’t make sense to me. I traveled 10minutes to a Walgreens store and did it.


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