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Audrey –

Victim Location 95376

Type of a scam Employment

Mr. Aaron Meakin contacted me regarding an employment opportunity in their soon to open Los Angeles location as a project manager; the training program was starting in one week and would consist of four weeks of training at which time I would receive compensation and possibly a job offer for fulltime employment depending on how the training went. On week three I was offered a training program that would have me transfer 7000.00 from their bank account to my credit card and then use the funds to purchase and ship 5 iPhones to an address in Louisiana. I googled the ship to address and it ended up being a shack in the getto of Duson Louisiana so needless to say I declined to participate and then I notified the Lafayette Louisiana office of the FBI and filled them in with all the details. Needless to say I didn’t get the job……lol ……. probably *** off the scammer because I had his number from the get go and just strung him along and made him feel as though he was about to hit a big score…….. What a loser….. BEWARE, this scam is pretty smooth……. MET TN …….aka Metropolitan transportation network


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