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Joseph –

Victim Location 30236

Type of a scam Employment

Hired as a virtual assistant. At the end of the work week I am told that to recieve my pay one of his cents will send their payment made payable to me. I am then supposed to deposit this check in to my personal checking account, deduct my pay and send the rest as a payment to his distributor. When I told him the bank wouldn’t take the check he became immediately irate and rude.

David –

Victim Location 21076

Type of a scam Employment

Received an email about being hired for a Virtual Assistant job that I did not apply for! Was offered $850 per week for three days of work. A check was sent a check drawn on the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico from a company called Technical Distributors, Inc…USPS expressed mail to my home from a Breyanna S Johnson in Detroit. SCAM ALL THE WAY!!!

Amelia –

Victim Location 07103

Type of a scam Employment

Mart Jarviz

Chief Executive Officer

Mecury Imperial Galleries

P.O. Box 682

Los Angeles California 90069

This individual is a true example of what a scammer does. This individual mail me a check by Fedex and it comes to find out that the check was fradulent.

Phone: +1 (917) 426-0756

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