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Hector –

Victim Location 32234

Type of a scam Employment


Brenda –

Victim Location 32207

Type of a scam Employment

These are the emails that I have received from this person.

1) [email protected]

Sep 13 (2 days ago)

to me

Good Day,

Welcome to mercer consulting Limited. We have received your resume for the application to our Ad posted on ZipRecruiter regarding a OFFICE ASSISTANT Position currently available. If you are receiving this email, your resume has been reviewed and shortlisted to take the job after careful consideration. Below is a detailed description of the job position. Go through the description carefully and respond as required.

You will be under general supervision from the Company’s HR and Office Manager. This is temporarily a telecommute and work from home position pending the set up of a local office close to you. You will receive weekly salary and also compensation and bonus package depending on the type of task you perform. Below is a detailed yet summarized description of your duties as well as the information required from you before being approved by the management. And we would like to know if you are competent enough to carryout the mentioned activities below. If you are capable of doing these tasks, do not hesitate to let us know.


As a Office Assistant Specialist you would update, maintain and retrieve information held on computer systems. You would also transfer information that is on paper to computer files. So if you enjoy working with computers and can type quickly this job could be ideal for you. You will need to have good maths and English skills. You’ll be able to work quickly and accurately, and pay attention to details. You’ll also have excellent customer service skills. You will also probably need a basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets and databases, file management, e-mail and the internet. At least three year’s relevant and acceptable work experience in an Administrative /Office work are required to maintain the company’s financial records such as income and expenses. The main responsibility as our Operations Specialist clerk may vary from handling specific tasks or maintaining an entire company’s books. Most of your duties are performed on a computer, and many use financial software to manage company records.


– entering personal details of customers/clients

– entering information for classified company transactions

– transferring paper-based market research results

– processing sales invoices

You are also required to record financial transactions such as bill payments and payroll, and may also prepare reports and summaries for supervisors and managers. You will prepare bank deposits using data from a company’s cash receipts, checks and any other financial transactions. You may also monitor loans and other accounts to ensure payments are current.

Entry requirements

You do not always need qualifications to work as a data entry clerk, although we prefer you to have a minimum of a High School diploma

You will need a basic knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets and databases. You would normally be tested for keyboard skills and accuracy in entering data. We will provide training on their data entry systems when you start work.

Skills, interests and qualities

– good computer skills

– the ability to work in a busy environment

– good maths and English skills

– excellent customer service skills

– an understanding of data confidentiality issues

– the ability to work quickly and accurately, and pay attention to detail

– an awareness of health and safety issues.

Other important information

Full-time jobs are normally 35 to 40 hours a week. Part-time work and temporary jobs are often available.

You would be based at a computer workstation, We will provide you with a functional and fully equipped Home Office.

Starting salary: $20 / hour

Summarized Description:

Job Title: Data/Order Entry Officer

Job Type: Part-Time / Full-Time

Salary: $20 – 30/ HR

Bonus: $50 (sign on), Overtime

Benefits: Health care

Job Location: Work-From-Home / Home Office

Please email back immediately stating interest and a follow up will be made promptly.

After I stated that I was interested I was emailed again by this person.

2) [email protected]

5:54 PM (18 hours ago)

to me

Good Day ,

Thank you for your immediate response, we would like you to start working as soon as possible. We need you to confirm your details and provide more info as necessary.

Applicants Confirmation

Do respond to the following questions that will enable us know more about you;

1) When will you be available to start work?

2) Do you understand the clauses contained in the US company privacy law and the company code of conduct? (Yes/No)

3) We would like you to email us your Job References Contact Name(s) and Phone Number(s), so we can find out more about you and your previous working capabilities

Reference 1:

Reference 2

Reference 3:

4) Do you have knowledge of spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, and accounting software such as Quick Books, peach tree e.t.c.?


I understand that false information may be grounds for not hiring me or for immediate termination of employment at any point in the future if I am hired? (yes/no)

Do you authorize the verification of any or all information listed above? (Yes/No)

Reply back with an indication of interest in working for our firm so we can access your home office and provide the necessary equipment needed. Go through this message carefully and get back to us with your intentions as soon as possible so we can proceed with further information regarding getting started.

After receiving this email I complied and gave the information that was needed. I was then emailed again by this person.

3) [email protected]

8:25 AM (3 hours ago)

to me

Good Morning to you… Thank you for the response… After careful consideration, we would like you to know that we will be glad to have you on our team. Note that your references may be contacted to ascertain your working capabilities if we desire further confirmation. We hope it will be okay to be in contact with them although you will be informed before we make any contact.


We are a private funds manager/auditor, we are also into financial management and investment advise. We assist client broker deals and these are the major jobs that we are paid for. Others include general accounting jobs, customized account software sales and management. We started business in October of last year and we are in the process of acquiring different state licenses as well as setting up at least 10 different office locations across the USA, then we would be able to launch a comprehensive company website.

You may or may not be required to assist in the setting up of our office locally.

All tax issues will be handled by both parties in order to ensure accurate records and also enable the employee understand the process although you will receive the necessary documentation where necessary.

You have the liberty to choose a more flexible work schedule as long as you are comfortable working at that particular time although you have to create a proposed work schedule and email to me for confirmation.

You will undergo a 2 week paid work from home online training period

You will be sent all necessary documents regarding this employment before the end of your 2 week training.

You will be entitled to $20/hr working for 6 hr/day and 5 days/week. This means that you would receive your daily salary of $120 and a $50 sign on bonus which will be paid at the end or at the start of the week.

After responding to this email, you will be added to our registered representatives.

We would like you to know that we will forward your data to our clients in the USA and Canada, who will make out payments to you on our behalf.

You will receive these payments in installments and they will be sent to you via courier service (USPS, FedEx, CAPS,DHL or UPS).


Do re-confirm your contact information below. Payment and other correspondence will be directed to the following information as stated in your resume:





Zip code:



Alternate phone:

The company will be responsible for the cost of equipping and running your Home-Office. We would provide you with funds needed to get the materials at a discounted rate from our certified vendor.

We will instruct our customers to make out payment to you.

When you receive the check send to you from the financier; Deduct your $50 Daily wage, deduct your $50 sign on bonus and also an extra $100 to cover logistics and associated cost such as Transfer charges, transportation/gas, e.t.c.

You are to deduct the $200 ($50+$50+$100) from the payment… You are to send the remaining amount to the vendor representative as soon as you have processed the payments so your office equipment will be delivered to you promptly.

You are to send weekly records in Excel/Spreadsheet for reconciliation with our records in line with your job description. We would like you to complete transactions quickly and accurately..

Do email back in confirmation of receipt of this email. We will need you to indicate your interest in joining the mercer consulting Limited.


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