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Johnathan –

Victim Location 76048

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was searching the DFW area craigslist ads, and I found several high end sewing machines for sale, at a significantly discounted price. Both sellers were out of state, and both were trying to set up a future transaction by taking down my personal information, probably for that new cellphone porting scam, or for the purchase price. Both sellers even used some of the same pictures. Probably working together.

They had pictures of the product, a Bernina sewing machine, that they had taken from ebay. I found the same exact product and the same pictures, attached to an ebay sale, for thousands more than their asking price, and in a different state. The two sellers couldn’t answer basic questions about the product, and didn’t even seem to understand how ebay even works.

Shannon –

Victim Location 75201

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I reached out to a craigslist ad for a truck that was on sale for $2000. The "woman" I was emailing with told me that she lost her husband 3 months ago and that she was trying to sell her car before she left the country from her military base. She said that the car was sealed and ready to be shipped to my address. When I gave her my address, I got an "invoice" from "eBay" saying that I had to go to the store and buy 4 eBay gift cards for $500 each. I checked the address that it came from and it was not an eBay email address. When I asked to see the eBay listing, she said it was taken down because I was in the process of buying the car.


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