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Shawn –

Victim Location 07430

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I called a AAA Appliances number Google recommended and spoke to someone very nice and made an appointment for Sunday from 2-5 for a repair technician to come look at my gas dryer (no power to the unit). I received a call Saturday afternoon to confirm the appointment – again, very professional. The technician arrived at 5 pm in a car with NYS license plates and a tool bag from MEGA Appliance.

He looked over my dryer and took a few things apart and proceeded to explain to me how I might need all three control panels replaced at a cost of probably near $1,000 but no assurance that would be the problem. In addition he told me he could not find a price on his "website" for one of the parts and once he got a sense I was getting frustrated, seemed to simply make it up so he could total up the estimate. Do not get me wrong, he was very nice but explained to me when I found part numbers on the boards on the dryer that did not correspond to the numbers he was giving me that the manufacturer changes then and he has access to all schematics (although he was browsing MARCON websites).

In the end, he did nothing and collected a check for $80 knowing I was not going to spend $1,000 to fix a unit that would cost me half the price to fix. He also explained to me after I paid him they would order all the parts at no risk to me? Seemingly made it sound like they would invest the $1,000 and absorb the loss if it didn’t pan out – at this point I had enough and didn’t want to continue the charade.

I have no recourse and now no way forward with this company but to spend $1,000 and let them back in the house. I have dealt with a lot of contractors and this just smelled like a hoax. There is no address given on the website and no way to file any complaints.

I have placed a stop order on my check however do expect to hear from the company when they can’t cash the check.


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