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Heidi –

Victim Location 33029

Total money lost $179.98

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

MediGuard 360 offered by ATLAS Benefits is a SCAM. They called me October 3rd and offered to provide a LOW COST insurance for my father. They asked me for all the information and enrolled me in. I got trapped into the promises the person made on the phone. Then when I checked with a few medical services providers and the pharmacies if they use the MediGuard 360 and answer was NO. No one authenticated their plan. I called them to CANCEL my plan on October 5th 2017. They charged my credit card for the enrollment fees and month of October 2017 $69.99. They also continued to charge my credit card for Nov 2017. I have been calling them for REFUND but they are hanging up the phone and flat out telling me that I will NOT get a REFUND. This company is a scam and their employees are SCAMMERS. Please be AWARE of them.

Summer –

Victim Location 35601

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Offer medical coverage for those who are suddenly found without coverage. I asked tons of questions about coverage and if my providers were on the list. I was assured everything was covered. I would pay a typical copay for visits. I agreed to the plan they matched me to. 4 days after getting the packet I called my doctor to make an appointment. They never heard of them. Found out you have to pay 100% up front then file paperwork for reimbursement. For those on fixed income that’s impossible. So I immediately called and canceled the plan. I had to pay $85 up front and I was given a reimbursement of $25. I informed them I never used the plan and I just got the packet. I was told “that’s how we do it”. I said yeah how you get money from people who are already struggling. Please please don’t fall for this.


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