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Scott –

Victim Location 03110

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Three times today (and several times previously) I’ve gotten calls claiming to be from Medicare to confirm eligibility. It’s the usual heavily-accented boilerhouse background. The caller knows my name and address, easily obtained via reverse phone search, but I make up a phony name and say I’ve moved. They usually buy in to the nonsense. They go on to ask my date of birth. I either refuse or say January 1, 1900. They’ve requested my height. Eventually they ask me if I’ve gotten a new Medicare card and to confirm the new number. I make up an old style 9-digit number, guaranteed to be bogus. Sooner or later they pass me along to a "supervisor." When that one gets frustrated a "manager" takes over. That’s progressed through two more scammers. If I’m really lucky, I get to waste 15 minutes of their time, time they lose to pull a scam on someone else. And just maybe it discourages them a little.


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