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Olivia – Feb 20, 2020

Victim Location 29150

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Looking for a medical alert button for my wife who has fallen numerous times and broken bones; I went online and found ‘MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEMS". They were to send brochures with information; contact person asked for my phone number, which I gave. I have not received any information. However, We started receiving phone calls, the first week we received a call every fifteen minutes for four days (this is no exzaceration)! Calls have slowed down to at least one call each hour, sometimes a few more. They say, "If you would like to speak with a representative, press one." In most cases when one is pressed, the call is terminated. Twice I connected with a person; when I asked a question they hung up.

Martin –

Victim Location 47906

Type of a scam Phishing

Caller asked if I could hear them ok, and I instinctively said "yes", after which they hung up.

Alan –

Victim Location 70001

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Repeated calls from Barataria, LA asking if someone if the family has hearing loss. They state that the call is being recorded for security purposes. I have received calls from various numbers. The last one was today at 10:30 from the 504-446-1592. I have also gotten calls from these numbers: 504-689-6601, 504-689-6599, and 504-689-6602. I have repeatedly asked these people not to call, but today when they called I was so frustrated that when the guy, Josh, spoke he said he was from the Medical Alert Systems and asked if I could hear him. Stupidly I answered "Yes, but I keep telling you people not to call this number and to please stop". He said thank you and hung up. Immediately I realized that I had been scammed. I called one of the other numbers that were on my Caller ID from Barataria, LA and I asked them what company this was and the guy said the reason they were calling was because they were informed that someone in my household had a hearing loss, and I said no there wasn’t. He said "are you sure no one in your family has a hearing loss"? I said "no" again and he hung up. I realize that I have been scammed and have called the Police Department, notified the credit bureau, the FCC and the FTC. The police department said that basically by me saying "yes" I have given them permission to open accounts in my name or order things in my name.

Wesley –

Victim Location 83404

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

A call from 435-778-5632 with a recording stating "Seniors! You have been selected for a free Medical Alert System. There is no money to pay because you have already been referred. This offer also includes $1000 in grocery coupons and a 75% off prescription card. Press one to speak with an agent." Call recipient was not a senior and knew this was a scam. Waited for an agent and a man identifying himself as "Gillis, Agent #30" answered. When the call recipient asked for information about what the name of the company is, she was hung up on.


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