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Steve –

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Investment

I would like to remain anonymous in fear of repercussions but there is a scam taking place in the Edmonton area at the moment that seems to be gaining traction. It is a company called mealife. It is suppose to be a home food delivery services but all the reps running around representing the company are concerned about is signing up more company reps at $1500 a pop. There is no desire to sell the actual product. It is the definition of a pyramid scheme and two of my friends have already been tricked into buying in. I hope you can help shed some light on this story as MANY people are being taken advantage of.

It is blowing up in the area and on facebook.


Here is what you need to check: Also, please kindly help other victims by adding new comments if you have any information of Meallife Reviews - Meallife Scam or Legit.

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