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Shannon –

Victim Location 81611

Total money lost $1,700

Type of a scam Other

About the middle of November 2017 my wife and I walked into mcnoon Crystal lighting store to purchase two chandeliers and we did so they were to be shipped to us where we live in Aspen Colorado for my boutique store we received them a few weeks later by Federal Express it took about a month for the electrician to come install them at the time of receiving the packages one of the huge boxes was very damaged. When the installer came to install the chandeliers which we left untouched and unopened until he arrived he said one of them is severely damaged so I immediately called back to mcnoon and explain this to them they told me they would call FedEx and make a claim they first wanted the photos of the chandelier and photos of the damaged box from FedEx which I emailed all of them to them. After about a week the manager at mcnoon called me back and told me he put a claim in to FedEx and to send back the chandelier to him which I did he told me he would immediately send me a new one Unbroken. Once he received the package with the return Chandelier he told me I broke the chandelier and it was my fault it’s broken it had been dropped which never happened and he would not be returning my chandelier because it was all my fault I owe him money which I paid both chandeliers in full. So not only is he telling me it is my fault and I owe him money but he also said it’s FedEx’s fault which I talk to Federal Express I had a hunch he’s trying to get money from both of us and as I suspected he also received a payoff claim around $1,050 so he saying it’s both of our fault but he wants to keep the chandelier and my payment for the chandelier and Federal Express is money and will not even return the broken chandelier to me which this is fraud I contacted the police department there is an ongoing investigation on the theft I was informed these people have done this to several people and it has to be stopped I have had my attorney send him a letter he has not responded to I also have emailed him several times and have had no response after he sent me an invoice that I owe him money I have no idea how but this is got to stop we need Justice thank you


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