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Lawrence –

Victim Location 89408

Type of a scam Credit Cards

got an automated call about my master card account being upgraded or something like that what ever…I get them every day. I answered and asked what the last four numbers are of the master card. The man on the other side of the call spelled out F…*..C..K. So I told him to F off himself and told him to stop calling me and I hung up. This guy called me back another 5 times from 5 different numbers cussing at me every time. I finally had to turn my phone off to get him to stop calling me. I do Not even have a master card.

Albert –

Victim Location 54220

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Auto message started after I said hello. It knew my name. Message said something like "thank you for paying your bill. You qualify for a lower interest rate" to redeem press one. After pressing one , a Arab accented real male voice (not recorded) mumbled something twice. After not responding, he said "can you hear me?" I said "are you kidding me?" (Cuz I already read about this scam) and he repeated "can you hear me?" So I said "are you kidding me?" Again and he said no and hung up.

Darren –

Victim Location 83442

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I got a text message from Mastercard number (844) 326-7251 That said my mastercard debit had been suspended. The ID number it gave me was my phone number and wanted me to call (855) 486-0653 to re-activate the card. I’ve never had a Mastercard in my life. When I called the number it gave me two options. Press 1 to activate my card or Press 2 to hang up.

Andres –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Today I was contacted by someone who said they were from Mastercard and I had overpaid on my last statement so they wanted to send me a refund cheque. I told the guy that it was impossible because if you overpay it’s a credit ,nothing more but he insisted that it was legit so I asked to speak to the "supervisor" who also told me this was indeed legit and he really needed to process this so would I give him my credit card number? I said "If you are calling me from Mastercard wouldn’t you have that information" ? He hung up as soon as I said that. I know that you don’t get a refund from a credit card company if you "overpay" It showed up in call display as "Unknown caller" another red flag. I just hope that they don’t catch someone off guard.

Frederick –

Victim Location 84403

Type of a scam Phishing

A text message comes in from an email address of [email protected]

It lists this number to call 845-666-4057, there is then a recorded message that says your debit card has been locked and to enter the 16 digit card number to unlock or to press 2 to end which hangs up the call.

This message comes in multiple times a day.

Susan –

Victim Location 51024

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Person claim to be with MasterCard. And said they could lower my interest rates on all cards. Asked card numbers and Social Security number. Asked for $990 to do so.

Todd –

Victim Location 63136

Type of a scam Credit Cards

A recording called my phone claiming to be MasterCard and that I needed to activate my "new card" and provide them with my credit card number.


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