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Angelica –

Victim Location 91607

Type of a scam Utility

Just under 2 years ago our building as well as several of the other buildings in our cul-de-sac were bought by this company, mashcole. Within a few weeks our property manager whose name I will gladly tell anybody who asks, fired the person that did repairs on the building and repairs immediately stopped happening. We had an infestation of black and brown widow spiders that took her 6 months to finally take care of. They have called over landscapers to dig up all of the flowers and grass and Lawn and not come back so that the lawn was left in shambles. They have stopped paying the bill for recycling so the recycling has very rarely been picked up. They have placed locks on the nozzles for water in order to prevent us from watering the plants to try and recover the lawn. We have followed up with each and every person that has been hired to do maintenance on our buildings and each of them have given us the same story that they have been specifically told to not come back in order to make our living conditions worse. When attempting to follow up with Julia she has claimed an excuse for each and every one. This woman specifically but her company as well mashcole who is completely unreachable have made the living conditions of my entire neighborhood a safety hazard. This company needs to be shut down. They are creating living situations that are illegal and refusing maintenance in order to make them unlivable buildings. I repeat this company needs to be shut down.


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