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Anna –

Victim Location 45219

Type of a scam Charity

I received email Feb 10 saying Mary James wants to donate her money and needs help. I rec’d a check from Xenith bank from KBS, Inc. 8050 Kimway Dr., Richmond, VA 23228 for amount of $9,789.99. Mary lives in NY City. I was to deposit check and keep $2,500 and give rest to an orphanage. THen I would receive $1,500,00 million dollars.

Kathryn –

Victim Location 90049

Type of a scam Employment

Dear Applicant,

I really feel I need some assistance at this time that’s why I need someone who can work with me hand in hand

throughout the production period. We are presently working on a short film which I’m directing the production

aspect, although work hasn’t commenced and we should start working on the film in next 3 weeks.

As the Composer , You will assists the film director by establishing the visual look of the


You will work closely with me and other crew throughout the production process, Duties basically would be

. Be musically versatile and able to compose in different styles

. you will assemble and brief appropriate teams, including orchestrators, copyists, and programmers. They prepare the score, usually on midi files, for the orchestrator (who may also have some creative input), and the copyist who transcribes the music.

. Have lots of imagination

. Be able to listen to Directors and interpret their vision musically

. you will prepare all the electronic aspects of the score for the recording sessions, and attend the sessions. They are responsible for delivering the score to the Producer, together with all recordable media, prepared to specific requirements. Composers’ work is usually overseen by Music Supervisor or Music Agents.

. you will create the desired look using lighting, framing, camera movement, etc. you will collaborate closely

with the camera crew (Camera Operator, 1st and 2nd Assistant Camera, Camera Trainee and Grips).

. Be able to work collaboratively.

Additional tasks may include:

. Be able to write music to pictures

. Be flexible and willing to compromise.

. you may also be required to produce temp tracks, sometimes made up of other composers’ work, which can be used in test screenings. They write themes to pictures, and deal with any necessary revisions. They often work closely with the Editor to fine tune the score as the edit progresses

. be diplomatic and tactful when working with cast and crew


Your present job doesn’t affect the Status of the job because i need to place you on trial period i need

someone who can perform his or her duties with resourceful and proactive in dealing with problems and queries,

All i need you to do is to complete all task in a timely manner. I am being thorough and explanatory here

because i have hired people in the past who did not live up to what i expected and this time, i do not want to

make the same mistake. I have decided to offer you a probationary offer (trial period). Here i want to see how

you would demonstrate your skills and how exceptional you are and how efficient and on time you will be. I

will need you to perform a couple of tasks for me during this coming week, which are part of basic duties you

will be performing before the project fully start and if i am impressed and convinced that you are right for

the job, I will be setting up a meeting with you once am done with this shooting am presently working on.

Successful completion of the trial period qualifies you for an interview and Temporary weekly wage for the

trial period will be Eight Hundred Dollars/weekly and full employment details and permanent salary package +

bonuses will be discussed in our meetings.

If the above work with you, I will take all necessary step and make my financial adviser have payment for

these purchases and tasks, mailed to you. The trial period runs for a week or two. If you want to sign up for

this, Kindly provide the details below …

Available Position: Composer

Type: Part-Time

Hours: 9 Hours per week/3 Hours Daily

Days: 3 days per week

Weekly Pay: $750


• AD & D Insurance

• 401(k)

• Medical, Dental, Vision

Willing to take this job position, I will take necessary step to have my financial officer have payment for

the purchase and allowance to carryout the task, mailed to you. The trial period runs for a week or two. If

you want to sign up for this, Kindly provide the details below …

Your Full name :

Mailing Address :

City :


Zip Code :

Direct Phone# :

Two Work or Personal References:

Best Regards


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