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Micah – Feb 11, 2020

Victim Location 50014

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Other

I was looking for a certain breed kitten! I was looking for a Scottish Fold. I saw this really cute one on his website and so I emailed him about the kitten. He was consistent on his responses. He wasn’t demanding or anything. It looked and seemed extremely legit. He was updating me about the kitten and the whole process. I didn’t realize it was a scam till about an hour before she was suppose to board the plane and depart for the airport to us. What happened was we paid the sales men 500 for shipping and the kitten and he confirmed the payment. Right before she was about to board they told us we needed to rent a electronic thermal crate to be able to ship her here and the guy said nothing about additional fees or costs and you think that if he’s sent kittens places before he’d know about any extra charges. And the cheapest one was $984. At this point we were getting skeptical about this whole thing becuz at this point the airline was demanding us becuz they were trying to get us to panic and get the money on American Express gift cards ASAP. We got the money onto some cards and then realized, don’t send the money becuz we should’ve been informed about costs like these and it shouldn’t be that expensive let alone either the airline company or the sales man should’ve provided that for us. When we didn’t give the cards to the airline company we decided to tell them that we got the wrong cards which we did. They then told us since the money can’t be refunded off the cards for the correct ones they could lower the price to $500 but we decided to ignore that email and ask the sales man mark for a refund becuz on his website it says full refund within 30 days but he never responded. The last email was on Saturday, Feb 8th telling us to cooperate with the airline company and trying to calm us down and make us feel like it was normal for this stuff to happen.


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