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Lucas – Feb 11, 2020

Victim Location 78240

Type of a scam Employment

A certain Glory Young sent me a message thru Upwork where I am a freelancer. She told that my profile is what they’re looking for and they’re offering me a position in their company. She then instructed me to accept an invite from Adam Young ([email protected]) via Google Hangout. I contacted Adam and he referred me to Billy White whose going to interview me. Billy and I had an IM interview which I answered questions ranging from personal to contact information. After which he offered me a position in the company.

Before a proceeded any further, I searched their company on Google Maps, LinkedIn and Glassdoor. They seem legit unit I got to and read about an alert on 1-3-20 about this company. The description in the alert is very much similar to what I just experienced. And I thought of reporting this company as a scam. I’m attaching the check which Billy sent me to print out. I also archived our conversations with Glory Young, Adam Young, and Billy White.

Please help warn others. I will report this to Upwork too. Thank you very much for your work!

Lydia –

I was also contacted via Upwork by a user named Lydia Barge for a job posting. The email stated to send an email with my identifier code so I could schedule my Google hangout interview with the hiring manager ASAP. I had my interview via email since hangouts was having an issue, the hiring managers name was Levine Green and he sent me the link directly to Markline Technologies to check it out during the process. I have dealt with scammers before so I felt like some of the things that were said maybe weren’t legitimate. I answered some questions and answered a few questions. The hiring manager was kinda sketchy when I asked a few questions at the beginning and said we would get to that later. I logged into Upwork while emailing and found that the account they were using had been suspended and looked up what could be causing this and this also raised a red flag. When I approached the subject of not proceeding until I had proof of them being a legitimate business or some type of assurance since our communication was not through Upwork, which as I learned is a violation of their terms. I will give an update after I learn more as I’m still waiting and it’s been over 20 minutes and I haven’t waited for more than 2-3 for a response from him yet.

Meredith –

Victim Location 94602

Type of a scam Phishing

I was offered a job on Upwork for a full time graphic designer position. The purveyor requested I interview via Google Hangouts, I obliged. In a high pressure like stream of texts, he was able to extract more information than was appropriate. Not answering my questions or requests for verification, he told me I got the job and requested more information where I drew the line. It is clear that this is a fake business serving as a front in order to scam bank account information from people. Hopefully my answers were light enough to not see damage in my life, but I am seeing on Upwork that over ten other people responded to this ad. Who knows how may more times this individual will start a new company to scam people once this one is taken down, but to address this situation would be a move in the right direction. Attached is a screen shot of our conversation. I redacted personal information in adherence to reporting guidelines.

Melanie –

Victim Location 60640

Type of a scam Employment

Person named Adam Young contacted me via Upwork, provided me a job description, and said he works in HR for Markline Technologies. They asked me to contact them to set up a Google hang out interview. The interview proceeded like a normal interview, they asked me about myself and my work experience, then they talked about the company history and what they were looking for. He provided a job description and compensation breakdown. They then asked who I banked with and if I had access to a printer or fax. I thought this was odd, but they hadn’t asked for any identify information yet so I went with it. The next day I asked if they were sending hiring paperwork and they said they needed me to cash a check for them and they would email it. I looked up this company on Glassdoor and they have two terrible reviews. I also found a thread on upwork talking about this scam. So I messaged Adam and asked if they were trying to extort me for money and they blocked me on the Google Hangout. I reached out to Markline Technologies via email and phone. They did not return my email or call and this was over 5 days ago. I don’t think this is a legitimate company, and if it is they have someone working for them trying to scam people.

Priscilla –

Victim Location 95123

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a Job through Upwork from "Markline Technologies". Of course, it fit the type of freelancing that I do so I applied. In the job description, they put the email they wanted me to contact. They also had a verification code for me. I contacted the email, was conducted on a google hangout chat interview right away. Pretty straight forward. Now onto the fishy parts, The HR Interviewer who goes by the name of Adam Young told me in order for me to start, I needed to deposit this "Check". The "Check" would be used to buy the equipment needed to start my job. I was wondering how that works because who uses checks anymore, as it is risky. Also Employers usually provide you the equipment without having you go buy it using their money. I was skeptical, so I looked up the website to find out that this "company" exists. I then emailed Karen Haake from HR on their website to get confirmation of this process. She replied saying yes they work in the same department. Fast forward, he emails me the check. The check was emailed to me by [email protected] The checks looked very altered, but I’ve gotten a check from government work that looked similar. I blindly deposit it. The next day, Adam says we need to forward you another check since this one didn’t clear fast enough. The second check emailed to me came from a different bank but same information. That’s when I started to worry. I called Wells Fargo to verify that that account exists only to find out it doesn’t. Then I had to call my bank to tell them the 2 checks I deposited are most likely fraudulent. SO there goes my account for a week, currently frozen to prevent fraud until the checks are returned. I confronted Adam and Karen via email/google hangout. Only to be left on read.


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