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Kurt –

Victim Location 53575

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email from an instructor at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin with an ‘opportunity’ to become a retail survey taker, earning $800-$1,000 weekly. I am a student at this college, by the way. A link was provided in that email, which I clicked on and signed up to receive information on this ‘opportunity’. I then received a text asking for my mailing address and something would be mailed to me – instructions on the program, steps to take to complete my first assignment, a survey form, and a cashier’s check to use in my assignment. About a week later I received that letter and found way too many things that sent up RED FLAGS. Here is what I sent to the upper echelon at Madison College about what I thought was a SCAM.


I did some additional checking on this today because of too many concerns I had from this ‘opportunity’.

After showing an interest in this program, I’ve been contacted twice by the same individual by way of text messages. He used two different phone numbers with two different area codes – one in Texas and one in Massachusetts. One number was not found on an Internet search and the other was to a commercial business – one that was going out of business.

The letter he sent me with a check to be used in this program had a return address of someone in Texas. The woman’s name on it could not be found in that city by way of an Internet search. The address was bogus.

The business this guy used on the letter he sent me is a valid business and one with good standing from the BBB. However, that business had no clue who the individual contacting me was – they had no record of him.

The credit union the Cashier’s Check came from is found in Utah. It is a very reputable business and in good standing with the BBB. However, they checked the number of the check I was sent and had no record of it.

When I replied by text, to the individual who contacted me, I asked if he could provide some information or data to validate his business, who he represents, and whether his program was a scam. He chose not to respond to my questions and instead replied that when I deposit the check and wait for it to clear – contact him for the next steps to take in the process.

So here’s the concerns:

This ‘opportunity’ appears to be a scam.

Charles A Kraege, an instructor at Madison College is either involved in this scam or his email has been spoofed since it came to me directly from his email address.

Madison College should be concerned:

That your name is being used in this way.

That students who get this email could be affected in a negative way.

I’ve filed a complaint with the FTC because I did find many examples of this type of scam online – and it is a scam.

A cashier’s check is sent to a person along with instructions and a market review included.

Cash the check and wait for the funds to be available.

Go to the business that is listed in the instructions and make the purchases listed.

With me it was for two purchases at the Apple store; a $1,400 gift card and a $1,200 gift card.

Once the gift cards are in hand, contact a phone number listed in the instructions (this was one of the numbers this individual used to contact me), where further instructions will be provided.

See the danger and concern to this?

There are RED FLAGS all over this ‘opportunity’ and again, Madison College’s name and one of your instructors are being included in this scam.

I’d be concerned if I were you!


A couple of days later, I received an email from the Chief Information Security Officer for Madison College, who confirmed that I did indeed identify a phishing message and SCAM.

I’m reporting this to you for any follow-up you’d like to do. I was fortunate enough to do some checking up on this ‘opportunity’ and found it to be a real problem. My concern is for other students, those who might be one-third my age and not as life-savvy, who might fall for this SCAM. They could find themselves dealing with some financial and credit problems stemming from this joker’s SCAM.

Thank you for your time and consideration in dealing with this matter.



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