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Devin –

Victim Location 27513

Type of a scam Employment

This company hires you as an independent contractor with the title insurance claim inspector. They hire you to accept packages inspect them and take 2-3 photos and deliver the packages to ups or fed ex. They promise you 1850 after the end of a 4 week probationary period and if you pass the probationary period you get 3200 a month. I got through the probationary period and got a well done. When I was suppose to get paid and I did not 2 business days after my probationary period was up, I emailed Sierra and ask her if it was my payday. She said yes and to keep her inform. Well when I informed her I never heard anything else. I emailed her 3 or 4 more times and even threaten to sue my lawyer on her but no response. I put my city and state but her email should allow you to track her down.


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