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Gloria –

Victim Location 28456

Type of a scam Romance

Friend request on facebook. Uses name Mark HUNTER. Immediately begins getting you under his spell saying he is about to retire and looking for an honest faithful woman. After a couple of weeks he asked for help getting a "package" to US before he comes home. Care package contains items he has purchased while in Afghanistan plus money that he has from investments made there in the amount of 2.7 million dollars. Has me send email to Atlantic Shipping Company with reference numbers Company replies telling me to send $1500.00 for shipping fee. When I tell him I do not have money, He asks me to borrow or sell some jewelry. I go along even though I know it is a scam. When he finally realizes that I am not going to send money he becomes very angry, threatening my life and that of my family. I block him on. Hangouts and then he sends emails still threatening. The phone number that he gave traces to company in Los Angeles named Ajuba. The name of agent that was to receive payment for shipping is SAMUEL Aiden. This scammer is smarter than most. Very I telligent and for the most part proficient with his spelling although looking closely will give you hints that he is not who he says he is.


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