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Audrey –

Victim Location 37083

Total money lost $4,250

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Marcy Auto Sales, or someone representing themselves as Marcy Auto Sales at, is apparently selling equipment from that website that they either don’t have, or don’t intend to deliver.

I found a 2006 Bobcat 215 Mini-Excavator on website – – and ‘chatted on-line’ with ‘Patrick Archer’ several times regarding this piece of equipment. He quickly answered questions we had regarding shipping/delivering the equipment and I agreed to purchase for $4,250. Received an invoice from ‘Michael Oatsvall’ with instructions to send wire transfer. Funds were successfully transferred as instructed 9/11/2019.

Patrick had said it could take 3 to 5 days for the paperwork and delivery details to be completed, so waited about 6 days and started trying to contact Patrick. Any previous visits to the website – – would instantly trigger a ‘chat’ session. Now, however, there is no response to my chat sessions. No replies to emails. Phone calls to 406.944.1414 are answered by ‘google voice’ but no one responds. Another contact number 406.346.3473 is ‘no longer in service’.

Contacted Montana Consumer Protection and they seem to believe that the real Marcy Auto Sales has been hacked by scammers.

I realize that the chances of getting my money back are nil. However, we want to get the word out to avoid this company.

Trisha –

Victim Location 22206

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I found an RV (VIN 1F6NF53S440A06536) to purchase on their website (original:, archive:… Unable to contact them using their phone number, I used the live chat feature available on the website. After answering my questions "Patrick Archer" directed me to email a picture of my ID and addresses to their sales department: [email protected]

Once this information was received i was emailed the attached invoice, and received a text from a Michael Oatsvall ((406) 944-1414) informing me of the invoice and that he would answer any questions i have. Going over the invoice i noticed the invoice was signed with Barack Obama’s signature. As i am fairly certain that the former president did not sign this invoice i looked into it and found out that the signature image used is the signature on Barack Obama’s Wikipedia page (… I then texted Mr. Oatsvall asking if this could be cleared up. Mr. Oatsvall responded: "Is this a joke?" I responded with a copy of the invoice he sent me, and a screenshot of Obama’s signature asking if he could clear this up. I have received no response from him since, so i can only assume he is still sending people fraudulent invoices on which he is impersonating former president Barack Obama.


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