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Kristine –

Victim Location 81101

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company is advertising an RV on Craigslist as an ‘owner’, not a company. But, they list a website for a business on the photos. They are offering "too good to be true" prices, on Craigslist and on their website. They claim they are selling ‘seized’ property from banks, etc. to explain the low prices. They have a very sophisticated website, it even shows detailed videos of the vehicles (boats, cars, motor-homes, construction equipment, RVs, etc.) that they supposedly have for sale. They give a phone number, that they say is from a small town in Montana, but the number type is one that can be anywhere in the US. There WAS a small car dealer by that name (Marcy’s Auto Sales) at the address listed, but the number listed for the business on Google is different than the number they list on their website. The ‘Google’ number is no longer in service. They also list a ‘subsidiary’ location in California. I called that number to verify if they were associated with Marcy’s Auto Sales, and they said they were not. They are taking steps to try to get their information disassociated from them. The ‘scam’ says they will ship any item priced over $2,000 for free. Although they list a phone number, they discourage calling, and want you to do a live chat. I did not contact them directly after I found out that they had untruthfully said they were affiliated with the (legitimate) California RV service, and that the ‘real’ number for the business was no longer in service. At this point I believed them to be a scam and came here to write a report.


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