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Michael – Feb 07, 2020

Victim Location 91325

Type of a scam Employment

Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for ( Manzanita Pharmaceuticals, Inc. )We are delighted to make you the following job offer. The position we are offering is that of Virtual Administrative at a salary/wage of ($35-$50) per (hour)Depending on your experience. This position you are to report to Cathy Mahone. Your working hours will be from (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM) Monday to Friday. This is a Remote position.?


We would like you to start reporting to your hiring manager on (02/07/2020) at 9:00 am your time for daily update on when to get started with orientation and training). Please report to Cathy Mahone 9:00 am your time, for documentation and daily update. If this date is not acceptable, Please contact me immediately.?


Kind Regards?

Karen M Totman?

Human Resources?

Manzanita Pharmaceuticals, Inc.?

Re: Virtual Administrative Assistant /Data Entry

Greetings ,?


The Position you applied for is currently not available because we are working on the local office in your location and it wont be ready until about 3 months time but we have a Virtual Administrative Assistant /Data Entry Position available to fill immediately with full training and i think you would be a good fit for this Position.?


We wish to inform you that your resume has been reviewed by the appropriate department and you have been shortlisted for the position of Virtual Administrative Assistant /Data Entry . You have been selected for an interview with us. As a result of your Resume Matching position of Virtual Administrative Assistant /Data Entry ,I would like to invite you to attend an online interview Thursday February 06,2020(ASAP)On Google Hangout .?

You will have interview with the Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications ,Cathy Mahone. The interview will last about 35 minutes or less. Please be punctual ,First Come First Interviewed.?



Do you have a Gmail Hangout Account to proceed with the job Interview and to know more about the Company, Locations, Positions, Pay Scale and Duties .You are to set up a screen name with Google Hangout and add up the Company’s Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications ID to your contact list, Google Hang Out ID ([email protected]) and instant message her for an online interview/briefing exercise .You are to be available on Google Hangout for the interview on Thursday February 06,2020(ASAP)On Google Hangout. Interview will kick off 9:00AM .Your swift and timely response matters to this position as well as the job interview. I wish you all the very Best of Luck in the interview.?


Please feel free to email back, If the date or time of the interview is inconvenient, please contact me by email in order to arrange another Appointment to email: [email protected]?


Employer: Manzanita Pharmaceuticals, Inc.???

Job Position:Virtual Administrative Assistant /Data Entry?

Salary : $30000 – $85000 Yearly???

Time : 09:00 am Prompt ASAP???

Venue : Google HangOut???

Date : Thursday February 06,2020(ASAP)On Google Hangout .???


We look forward to Interview with you.???

Best regards ???



?Richard Rhea. LCSW

Executive Vice President & Managed Care Officer

Manzanita Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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