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Casey –

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Letter writer claims to be an independent underwriter and accountant working for a financial institution in the U.S.A. and attempting to locate beneficiaries of an estate, at a value of $2.8million. The name of the deceased person and I share a common last name and the writer claims to have not been able to locate immediate family members and believes me to be an extended member of the family. The writer asks me to contact him via email or fax#1-207-692-9606 with my full name, occupation, phone/fax, email address and the reference number on the letter, in order to process the claim.

In fact, the name of the deceased on the letter is a family member, and at least one other member of my family have also received this letter. The statements on the letter about the deceased person do not correspond with actual facts about them, other than the name.

The letter was mailed in Canada (explained in the letter that it was mailed in Canada while the writer was "on official business" in Canada. The return mail address on the envelope is PO Box / CP 4058, Toronto, Ont, M5W 1L8. I googled the address on the letter (noted above) and it appears to be an vacant lot according the street image.


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