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Bryce –

Victim Location 63801

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Original email came through my college with a job posting for secret shopper. Filled out a simple application with basic info like address and phone number. David Lesse or Dave Ewers started emailing and texting me stating a packet would be in the mail. An envelope with an instruction sheet, survey, and $2300 check came in the mail. They ask you to deposit the check and immediately go buy 2x $1000 gift cards and then text them pictures of the scratched off codes. I have read enough online boards to know that the check won’t clear. They have a very professional website and it all looks good, so it would be easy for people to fall for it.

Jonathon –

Victim Location 63017

Type of a scam Employment

Received email from the school for secret shopper opportunity, getting paid $250-350 per week. Signed up for the job, contacted via email and phone as a package was sent. The envelope came with an instruction letter and a check for $2300 where I would buy 2 x $1000 gift card a select store and the rest is mine. The check has a "payment restriction to prevent unauthorized cashing".

Mario –

Victim Location 46231

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This was sent to me by the "work studies" department at my university to become a local mystery shopper. You sign up through a website like careerbuilder or snagajob as a "secret shopper." You receive an email a few days later from the "survey Co-ordinate" stating they will send you your packet with instructions on how to start your survey and what you should do. No exchange of information that is not already public record happens. These are for big name stores you are to mystery shop for. Your packet is a single page of what I can only describe as half-ply printer paper instructing you to call the "co-ordinator" to allow you to deposit the check into your account. You must then purchase two gift cards for $1000 a piece. To submit your survey you must submit a picture of the front and back of each card with the code scratched off.

You also get a BIG bonus if you do it before the fake check clears your bank account.


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