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Vincent –

Victim Location 23701

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Pop up on my Mac computer that Apple Support has detected a Trojan virus on my computer and that I should call 18443780587 to talk to an Apple Support Technician. That person will then ask for remote access so they can fix your problem. I asked for employee ID and got Eric Mac 1009. Foreign accent.

Pop up gave an account number.

Pops up several times.

Another’s employee ID was API 6908 (I called two different times).

That is what made me suspicious so I started researching for scams on my phone. This one one has been documented.

I followed guidelines of BBB and restarted my computer. The message did not pop up after the restart. It was a browser issue. The other browser was not my default browser.

What bothers me is that this appeared very very legitimate. The only reason I questioned it is because I was tricked by something like this once before who used the Norton name to scam. As a result I am very reluctant to give someone remote access to my computer. These scams are are getting more sophisticated by the day. Consumers need protection from these scammers!


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